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Guarantee Health for All

Poverty should not be a barrier to healthcare access. BOAT is a fund created to provide blood and oxygen to poor and vulnerable Nigerians, free of charge.

Health workers are critical stakeholders in BOAT's success. We work with doctors to identify low-income patients in need.

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What is BOAT?

BOAT's Philosophy

How it Works

How to Support BOAT

What is BOAT?

Blood and Oxygen Access Trust by LifeBank (BOAT) is a fund set up to provide blood and oxygen at no cost to people who have trouble paying their hospital bills.

We believe no Nigerian should die from a shortage of essential medical products like blood and oxygen, and are working to make this a reality. BOAT is one of the steps we are taking towards achieving universal health coverage. Join us by making a donation!

BOAT's Philosophy

  • We believe that doctors and healthcare workers are critical stakeholders in the implementation of healthcare social impact projects.
  • We believe that private capital can be harnessed for social and public good.
  • We believe that radical transparency is a key ingredient in building trust and ensuring the longevity of social impact projects.
  • We believe that for this project to have significant impact, it requires significant capital.
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    How it Works

    LifeBank works with doctors to identify and support low-income patients. The process is thus:

  • Doctor registers with BOAT by providing details such as MDCN No., Hospital, and Hospital Address
  • Doctor identifies low income patient who needs blood or oxygen for treatment and is unable to afford it
  • Doctor calls BOAT on behalf of patient and sends information for accountability
  • Blood or Oxygen is delivered to the doctor for patient’s use
  • BOAT follows up with patient after 2 weeks
  • Funding Partner whose funds were used to support patient is informed about the disbursement of their donation

How to Support BOAT

Everyone, from health workers to the general public, can play a role in making BOAT a success. To support BOAT,


Encourage your company, religious congregation, or organization to donate to BOAT and host a Pop Up Blood Drive


Share this campaign on social media, and with your friends and family


Tell people who may benefit from this fund about this campaign

Hospital Building

Encourage health workers and doctors you know to nominate possible beneficiaries

About LifeBank

LifeBank is a medical distribution company that uses data and technology to help health workers discover essential medical products like blood and oxygen. We deploy our smart logistics system to deliver these products on time and in the right condition.

LifeBank is also building a movement of 1 million voluntary blood donors to improve Nigeria’s blood supply.

Since we began operations in 2016, we have delivered over 13,000 units of blood to over 350 hospitals, saving over 3,300 lives in the process.

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